4 Things to Do with Your Family for Fun, Learning, and Connection

Family in the Outdoors

Connection is a word often used by tech companies to get you to believe you’re living a more connected life thanks to their innovations. If your only relationship with your family is through Facebook, that’s not quite an improvement.

Take back all the important connection with your spouse and kids with these ideas:

Camping in the Backyard

You don’t have to go anywhere to spend quality time and have some fun with your family. Little kids are usually excited about camping, which you can do in the backyard. It’s safer, easier, and it costs nothing. Start a campfire and tell stories, make smores, and sleep in a tent.

Take a Trip to the Beach

This might be a better deal for teens and pre-teens. There are beaches you can go to for free all around the U.S. All you need is your car, a packed picnic, and a few towels and bathing suits. One whole day of fun under the sun with your family — priceless.

Take an Educational Cruise

If you have the budget, then why not? It’s fun to go to a new place far away from home. It allows you to explore the world and be exposed to different cultures. It gives your kids a better perspective of the world they live in. It’s educational, and Cruise Lady says that it can even be reflective, as you may find out in LDS Holy Land tours.


Whether it’s helping out at the soup line or joining a neighborhood cleanup, it’s not only about helping other people. It’s about becoming closer to your family and giving your kids an understanding of how people should treat others. Highly educational to the family and helpful to the community.

Being with your family is the best type of connection you can ever experience. Try these suggestions and make a habit out of doing things with your loved ones whenever you get the chance.