4 Smart Ideas to Attract New Clients to Your Hair Salon

hair washing at a hairdressing salonThe hair salon industry is becoming more fierce as competition pops up in line with the growing attention to fashion. Here’s how you can keep up with the market and bring in new people to your shop:

Let Everyone Know Your Credentials

Having the right papers, which shows your proficiency in hair care, is definitely the best way to get started. People are particular about their crowning glory and would want someone experienced to cut, style, and color it for them. Having a framed photograph with a famous hairdresser or a diploma from a Midvale hairstyling and barber school or any related institute hanging on your wall is a good start.

Post Your Creations Online

The Internet is now an important source of clientele, so start creating a website and social media accounts for your hair salon. Take photos of your client’s before and after look, and then ask if you can post them on your site. This way, others can see what kind of magic you can do with your customer’s hair. Tag them in the post and you’ll be one step away from making a new loyal customer.

Offer a Loyalty Program

Provide a loyalty program that gives your customers additional benefits whenever they hit a particular mark. For example, they can get free hair coloring of their choice after getting several services of the hair salon. You can also offer group packages or bring-a-friend services to encourage your existing customers to bring in new people.

Buddy Up with Local Businesses

You can also try collaborating with other local businesses so that you can “swap” clients, so to speak. Hair Salons can buddy up with chic cafes or massage parlors where your target client overlaps. You can also try entering a new market by working with a local retirement home or a mom’s club.

With a bit of creativity, you’ll find that there are so many ways you can do to persuade new clients in your hair salon. Remember that rapport is crucial. Make sure you know how to keep your clients comfortable and satisfied.