3 Ways Lasik Surgery Can Change Your Life

LASIK Surgery in SingaporePeople who have had blurred vision or plagued with glasses their whole life has embraced and considered Lasik surgery as an ideal solution. Not only is it convenient, but it also offers patients a quick turnaround with fairly consistent results. Here are three of the main reasons people prefer to undergo this procedure.

Quick Procedure, Quick Recovery

Ever since it became a standard corrective procedure in the 90s, its results have been consistent. What makes it even more popular is that it is a quick and painless procedure. For patients who have busy schedules, it’s a convenient benefit. In addition, The Eye Clinic and other Lasik surgery practices in Singapore noted that patients can have an instant boost of self-confidence when the surgery is over. This is because some patients feel restricted by wearing glasses all the time.

Say Goodbye to Glasses

Lasik has been known to be the ideal solution for clearer vision among those who are shortsighted, long-sighted, or plagued with astigmatism. As with any surgery, Lasik has risks and it’s best to know if you’re a good candidate before undergoing the procedure. Patients who already have strong lens prescriptions for shortsightedness may want to avoid Lasik surgery, according to WebMD. For the most part, it has been known to correct vision and get rid of the use of glasses.

Adjustments Afterwards

The human eye is no robot, of course, and it can degrade with time. Even with corrective Lasik surgery, there can be changes in the eyes that would require correction later on. One of these conditions is monovision, which may be a side effect of Lasik surgery. This allows patients to have a clearer vision to read both near and far. With time, patients may see that there are slight changes necessary to keep their eyesight clear.

These changes may be due to the gradual change in prescription, so touch-up procedures will be needed with the best surgeon and technology available to avoid more complications.