3 Incredibly Cool Things For Backpackers To Do In Colorado

Red Rocks AmphitheaterFew places offer the stark thrill of backpacking through Colorado’s immaculate wilderness comprising adventure-laden mountain peaks, dramatic rivers (surrounded by gorges and ravines) and scenic forests. From skiing in its snow-capped mountains to enjoying a heady session of river rafting, the state packs in plenty of punch for the backpacker seeking a thrilling outdoor experience.

American Adventure Expeditions calls out on adrenaline junkies to try one of these below:

Visit the Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument

Nestled 108 miles from Denver, the intriguing monument is on the wishlist for every nature enthusiast for preserving a 35 million old ecosystem on its expansive 6,000-acre premise. You can find everything from leaves to insects to fascinating seed fossils. Don’t miss the Petrified Forest Walk, a mile-long trail covering huge Redwood stumps, a massive excavation site, a picnic area and little-known geological exhibits.

Rock Show at Red Rocks

Few things can beat the experience of packing a meal and enjoying a rock concert at the Red Rocks under the incandescent night sky. The full moon right above the stage, Denver’s dazzling city lights and earthy rock seats, all add to the allure of the setting in what might be one of the most distinctive rock shows you will ever experience.

White Water Rafting

With a multitude of rivers and enthusiastic rafting guides, Colorado is a great place for people of all abilities to try white water rafting. Backpackers enjoy Arkansas River’s 5,000 feet drop on the initial 25 miles (while enjoying a spectacular view of Bighorn Sheep Canyon) or Colorado River’s intermingled sightseeing and rafting adventures, with rapids and calms for all levels. Enjoy other rafting in Colorado adventures at Clear Creek and Animas River.

Backpacking through Colorado is full of outdoor adventures and exciting, adrenaline-soaring activities. Visit the Florissant Fossil Beds Museum for remnants of a 35 million old ecosystem, enjoy a rock show at Red Rocks and go white water rafting at one of the state’s dramatic rivers.