2 Obvious Facts about Hawley Retainers That You Probably Don’t Know Yet

Hawley Retainers

As it received a nod from your dentist, are you thinking of letting a Hawley retainer help you? What do you know about it, though? Apart from the fact that it is one of the top removable retainers, what is the use of a Hawley retainer? Here’s a guide to give you an idea:

Post-Braces Treatment

After you’re done with years of wearing braces, do you think it’s all over? Your orthodontic treatment is just beginning. Simply put, nothing is over yet. To get optimal results, you have to follow through the next (and usually, last) stage of orthodontic treatment  —  wearing Hawley retainers.

You may be wondering. Why do you even need to bother with these retainers if your braces have already corrected your teeth? The answer borders on practicality, and it’s simple. Retainers are effective. When it comes to orthodontic maintenance, you can turn to these retainers to keep the results of your braces.

Removable Tools: A Big Plus

While you may have always wanted straight teeth, have you felt the same way about wearing braces? Probably, you do not. After all, wearing braces is not exactly something to be giddy about.

Having something strong pushing your teeth can be stressful. The stress is twice, knowing that the strong force is something you have to deal with 24/7. Especially during your first year of wearing braces, did you have that feeling that you want to take them off? With Hawley retainers, 24/7 painful orthodontic treatment is unheard of. You’re done with all day and all night stress since they’re removable.

Final Thoughts

Once your dentist recommends a Hawley retainer, you may not want to go against their advice. After checking up on your situation, chances are they’re going to ask you to wear a retainer for the next several months anyway. Your dentist will probably ask you to wear the retainer every day (and maybe every night, too). Rather than turn the other cheek, maybe you should go with a professional advice.

As you have already invested time (and not to mention, money) when you chose to wear braces for years, don’t you think it’s reasonable to opt out of the last stretch of your orthodontic treatment?